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One of the things EMRA loves most — and does best — is help EM residents and medical students grow into confident, inspiring leaders. Now there are more opportunities than ever.
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Simulation has made an incredible impact on the world of medical education. Students have responded by creating the Student Initiative in Medical Simulation, an organization that is working to promote
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When a particularly rough shift ends, do you have a way to leave it behind you?
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Ije Akunyili was embarking on a career in economic policy and development at the World Bank when she realized her passion for helping people, particularly the disadvantaged, could be served more direc
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Please join EMRA in congratulating our 2018 Spring Awards recipients.
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While aortic dissection is relatively rare, it remains the most common and lethal form of the acute aortic syndromes.
Spontaneous bilateral adrenal hemorrhage is hard to catch - making it more critical to begin appropriate treatment as soon as possible upon diagnosis.
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By routinely incorporating a clinical tool for smoking cessation into patient encounters, medical students can play a pivotal role in helping busy clinical teams achieve an often-unmet key clinical ob
The AAMC launched the Standardized Video Interview pilot project for medical students applying to EM residency programs in summer 2017. Now the AAMC is releasing results of two surveys taken by partic