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Finding the Invisible: Using Ultrasound to Combat Fournier's Case A 77-year-old male with coronary artery disease, diabetes, and a recent left femoral neck fracture is sent to the ED for non-resolvin
The Pediatric Airway Clinical Scenario You are working an overnight shift at a single-coverage emergency department, when EMS calls ahead with a pediatric medical alert. They are three minutes out wi
Photophobia The Patient A 31-year-old female presents to the emergency department with 1 week of right eye pain, redness, excessive tearing, and photophobia. She denies any trauma, chemical exposures
Rich Levitan, MD, FACEP Rich Levitan, MD, FACEP How many frequent flier miles have you racked up this year? It's a safe bet Rich Levitan has at least doubled you. Between clinical shifts in Colorado,
Management of Post-tPA Intracerebral Hemorrhage On your next shift, you find yourself evaluating a 58-year-old-male with acute onset of left upper and lower extremity weakness and a facial droop that
Treating the Convicted Residents in the receiving hospital for one of the world's largest correctional facilities see a wide variety of incarcerated patients with an array of chief complaints. The CD
Social Emergency Medicine: It's What We Do “One thing I know: The only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve.” — Albert Schweitzer The role of
Foreign Travelers: Cutaneous Parasitic Infections from Abroad Case Presentation You step into the room of a 22-year-old female sent from her primary care physician for incision and drainage of two fa
EMRA Resident Forum and ACEP15: Make the Most of It! It happens in late fall and accelerates into spring: Graduating residents start to stress about the move into practice. Not the medical or profess
A Literature Review and Discussion: Sheath & Sound Case You are working in Central America doing emergency development work, when a 7-year-old girl presents in status epilepticus. She has no seizure