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Creating the Perfect Rank Order List: Real Advice from Current EM Residents With interview season coming to an end, the stress of making the perfect rank list has started. As Match Day approaches, ap
Take Action: LAC 2017 We, as emergency physicians, have always been advocates. The emergency department stands at the front lines, ensuring care to our most vulnerable patients. We advocate for those
Program Director Interview Series: Dave Caro, MD, FACEP | University of Florida-Jacksonville This month, the EMRA Medical Student Council interviewed Dave Caro, MD, FACEP, Program Director at the Uni
Where are freestanding emergency departments popping up - and how will that affect health policy?
Reflections on Running an Emergency Medicine Interest Group Emergency medicine is the best specialty. This obviously biased conclusion came to me while working as a scribe in an emergency department,
Preserving the Safety Net: What is the True Cost of the Uninsured? President Donald J. Trump has sparked emotional debate across the country with bold promises on important public health issues like
Update: The Single Accreditation System and How It Is Affecting AOA Residencies and Fellowships We are 18 months into the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) and the Accreditation Council for Grad
An Open Letter to the EM Community Every day, in every hospital in America, the practice of medicine is carried out faithfully by dedicated providers intent on caring for their patients and educating
Letter from the Editor I couldn’t stop staring at the eerie photo I had just taken from the 7th floor of the Texas School Book Depository, peering out over the intersection of Elm and Houston. I was
Use Your Voice! Hello there, EMRA! What a few months it has been! On the national level, we've had a presidential election and inauguration causing the politics in our capital to take a palpable pivo