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Fentanyl Anchor Art.jpg
The ever-growing frequency of patients presenting to the emergency department with fentanyl overdoses — and fentanyl’s surging presence in cocaine and other black-market drugs — demands that we, as em
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Migrants are vulnerable to various tropical diseases as they traverse regions enroute to the United States. These diseases include malaria, mosquito-borne arboviruses, and helminth diseases. The congr
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In the latest installment of our PD Q&A series, we are highlighting the Medical College of Wisconsin Emergency Medicine Residency program. We spoke with the current PD Dr. Kathleen Williams about what
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Welcome BACK to EMpower! We’re bringing back this popular, long-dormant piece of EM Resident that focuses on leadership in emergency medicine — where we share the incredible stories of leaders in the
Pneumocephalus Secondary Art.jpg
Tension pneumocephalus — which can result from air accumulation under pressure within the skull cavity — is a potentially fatal condition and may require emergency surgery. It is difficult to diagnose
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Clonidine is a widely available drug and has been seen as the culprit in an increased number of intentional and accidental overdoses. Symptoms of toxicity include hypertension or hypotension, bradycar
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Anaphylaxis is a true and potentially life-threatening emergency. Understanding that this condition has broader diagnostic criteria than are commonly recognized will help with early recognition and tr
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Instagram has emerged as a powerful tool for residency programs, offering a unique platform to showcase strengths, engage with diverse audiences, and foster a sense of community. However, it is crucia
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Poor health literacy is one of the most common social determinants of health that we encounter daily in the ED. Limited health literacy results in higher rates of morbidity and mortality and increases
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Immunoglobulin A vasculitis (IgAV) is the most common form of present vasculitis in children. Diagnosis is clinical and includes the presence of palpable purpura with at least 1 of the following: a bi