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Gastritis? Think Twice. Clinical case A 31-year-old female presents with severe intermittent epigastric abdominal pain. She reports that this pain began 3 weeks ago and has slowly increased to 10/10
Working with Nurses and Alternate Practitioners The following is an excerpt from EMRA's popular Medical Student Survival Guide, edited by Kristin Harkin, MD and Jeremy Cushman, MD. In this chapter ab
A Hand UP Greetings from the Medical Student Council (MSGC)! It is my distinct honor to have been chosen to represent the EMRA medical student voice as chair of the MSGC in 2014-15. This is an incred
Small Doses; Big Results Case 1 A 37-year-old female arrives to the emergency department after a high-speed motor vehicle collision. A traction splint is applied to an open mid-shaft femur fracture.
Ultrasound Evaluation: Achilles Tendon Case A 39-year-old male presents to the emergency department with pain and swelling in his right ankle two days after an injury he obtained while playing volley
The State of the Specialty The RRC reviewed 32 programs and accredited two new core EM programs, six EMS fellowship programs, and one pediatric EM fellowship program. I have now completed attendance
Global Health and Emergency Medicine Advice from experts on international emergency medicine to help you chart opportunities in projects and research — both abroad and domestic. Mention international
Confronting Failure, Building Resilience Whether it is in the classroom — or worse, in our caring for patients — eventually we will all experience failure and disappointment. FAILURE. It's something
Tools for Tackling Stressful Transitions Let EMRA help with the next step in your career Growing up, summer's approach led to a multitude of emotions — excitement about a break from school; sleeping
Life after Boards: An Interview with ABEM President James H. Jones, MD Whether you are a first-year medical student or a graduating senior resident, standardized testing has undoubtedly been a signif