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Clinical Apps for EM I'm one of those people who collects too many apps, most of which never get used. However, during my third-year EM clerkship and my fourth-year EM sub-I rotations, I identified a
Medical Student SIMWars “This is Ambulance 80. We are currently en route to your facility with a 72-year-old male who sustained a 2-story fall”¦” To an experienced provider, this may sound like the b
Making the Most of Your Summer Looking forward to the summer months, it can be overwhelming to decide what you should do as an EM-bound medical student. To alleviate some of this stress, here are som
Rapid Research Review: More Study Types More Study Types Case Series This is used when the objective is to describe and find patterns related to a particular disease/problem. Case series are useful f
Can I Take Your Order? Patient Satisfaction in Emergency Medicine A man named Tim goes out to eat at a restaurant. He asks Joe, the server, for his recommendation. Joe insists the salmon is by far th
Approach to Abdominal Pain in the Geriatric Patient You are working in the emergency department on a pleasant Sunday afternoon when the paramedics wheel in an 85-year-old gentleman who has been havin
ECG Challenge - Feb 2017 Case: A 56-year-old female with a history of chronic kidney disease and hypertension presents with diffuse weakness and fatigue over the past 3 days. What are you seeing in t
Consult Corner Radiology How often do you call radiology for assistance? Learn how to present your case in the most efficient, professional manner — and how to avoid any pitfalls. Bradley Strout, MD,
Poisoned Pump: Management of Calcium Channel Blocker Toxicity A 46-year-old male with a history of hypertension presents after an intentional overdose of 500 mg of amlodipine 1 hour prior to arrival.
Bill Jaquis, MD, FACEP In October, EMRA welcomed a new representative from the ACEP Board of Directors, Vice President Bill Jaquis. Join us in getting to know the ACEP leader who will be plugged in t