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In the latest installment of our PD Q&A series, we are highlighting the Kings County Hospital - SUNY Downstate Emergency Medicine Residency program. We spoke with the current PD Dr. James Willis about
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The EMRA Research Committee interviewed 4 soon-to-be legends in the emergency medicine research community, from residents to established faculty, to understand their experiences. Our interviewees — Ma
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The financial, equitable, and logistical implications of a new, in-person ABEM certifying exam as planned — especially one that replaces the current virtual OCE format — warrants further consideration
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Arterial lines are helpful tools for monitoring hemodynamics and maintaining easy access for frequent lab draws in the critically ill patient. Interpreting the waveform of the arterial line is necessa
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After more than 10 years in the making, the DanGer Shock investigation sheds light on the efficacy of the microaxial flow pump in the treatment of patients with STEMI and cardiogenic shock and planned