Angela Siler Fisher, MD, FACEP

Name/credentials: Angela Siler Fisher, MD, FACEP; @afishermd @TeamMaveRx
Medical School: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Residency: Christiana Care Health Services
Fellowship: Administration, Christiana Care Health Services
Current position: Founder, MaveRx ™, A Leadership Consulting Firm; Facility Medical Director, First Choice Emergency Room at Richmond

Angela Siler Fisher, MD, FACEP, is a past-president of EMRA who is using her experience and passion to develop the next generation of leaders within and outside of emergency medicine. Dr. Siler Fisher's three-step prescription for leadership development concentrates on networking and formalization of mentors; establishing credibility; and acknowledging both individual and team successes.

Dr. Siler Fisher is the former associate chief for Operations, Section of Emergency Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine (BCM). She is a founding member of the BCM Section Emergency Medicine and residency training program. She also served as the medical director of the Ben Taub Hospital Emergency Department.

In 2002-2003, you served as EMRA President while you were chief resident at Christiana Care – while also learning the ropes as a first-time mom. What stands out most about that chapter of your life?

I'm the first and only breastfeeding EMRA president! What stands out? The outpouring of support that makes it possible for developing young leaders to take on so many different roles simultaneously. I had those titles, and I certainly accomplished things, but it was not without the help of everyone around me. My husband is a radiologist and he was a resident as well, yet he really made it possible for me to take on so much at once. First and foremost, his support was crucial, but then also my many mentors, faculty and colleagues, EMRA and ACEP staff – it truly was a team effort.

These days, you run MaveRx, a leadership consulting firm. You've served as faculty for the ED Directors Academy. You developed a leadership curriculum for Dr. Oz's health foundation. You were a founding member of the Baylor College of Medicine Section of EM and residency program. What drives you – and what's next?

I'm an extremovert – an extreme extrovert. I absolutely derive energy from those around me, and I've been so fortunate throughout my career to find people who are willing to support me and help turn ideas into reality. That's what I want to do now; in fact, that's how MaveRx was born. It's my way to give back. I'm a non-traditional leader and I've made some missteps in my career, but I was able to recover because I was cushioned by the great advice of others. All of it made me who I am today, and I want to be a guide for those who might be on the rise or might be facing a bumpy road. The leadership tips I give are applicable at all levels.

Your Twitter channel offers tips that promote a balanced life. How do you achieve that?

Somewhere along the way, I found someone who told me, “If you don't slow down, you're going to miss out on some really important stuff. You've proven you can be successful; now be significant.” So that is really shaping my approach. In my 20s, I focused on education. In my 30s, I was all about career development. Now in my 40s, I'm looking ahead to the next generation. Obviously I'm most concerned with launching my 2 kids, who are 11 and 13. But I also want to give back to others. I feel like I've lived a very charmed life, and it's not because I'm so smart or so hardworking or anything about me that's unique or different, but I've always had the support of amazing individuals. Connecting and networking and talking to people and getting to know them has helped me, and that's how I want to help others. I want to share my story, because I've had some amazing successes but I've also had some pretty major failures. When I share, people can learn from that.

When did you know that emergency medicine was your calling?

First, my mom was an ER nurse. I have 4 siblings, and all 5 of us started off in critical care nursing. My first real job – at age 19 – was as a registration clerk in the ER. I put myself through nursing school as a registration clerk, and then through medical school as an ER nurse. Both my husband and I are doctors, and we absolutely love it – so much so that we want our kids to be doctors.

Best time management tip

I think the key to everything in life is networking. Have the contacts at your disposal so that when you're working on a project, whether it's professional or personal, there's someone  you can reach out to. Don't reinvent the wheel. Know what's already out there.

Best advice you ever received

Find your life passion. Great things happen at the nexus of what we enjoy doing, what we're good at doing, and what is worth doing. You have to really dig deep in yourself and find out what that is.

Peanut butter or chocolate?


Favorite holiday

I don't have one; I celebrate every day like it's a holiday.

What goes on pizza?

What doesn't go on pizza??

Most-used app

My contacts app – I'm always either reaching out to people or serving as a phone book for others.

Favorite Twitter feed

I love @emresidents!


Huge shout-out to my husband, Brandon; my kiddos, Siler (13) and Harmon (11); and my mom and my dad! I could not do this without them.


2016 Texas College of Emergency Physicians James E. Hayes Award

2016 Texas Medical Association Young Physician Section Young at Heart Award for consistently encouraging young physician participation and leadership

2013 EMRA Joseph F. Waeckerle Founder's Award

American Medical Association Women Physicians Congress, Physician Mentor Recognition 2012 ACEP Council Teamwork Award for leadership in developing the EM Futures Program

2012 Emergency Medicine Foundation and Blue Jay Consulting Emergency Department Director of the Year Distinguished Recognition Award

2011 Texas Medical Association Medical Student Section C. Frank Webber, MD, Award for outstanding service to the Medical Student Section

2010 Harris County Hospital District ServiceFIRST Hero and EMIG Faculty Mentor Award

2008 ACEP Horizon Award for outstanding contributions and participation in ACEP Council activities within the first five years of Council Service