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Get to know your EMRA Representative to ACEP: Aaron Kuzel, DO, MBA, EMT-T

Aaron R. Kuzel, DO, MBA, EMT-T | Fellow | University of Louisville School of Medicine | Louisville, KY | EMRA Representative to ACEP

Twitter handle?
@DrKuzee, although I’ll be honest, I don’t use Twitter.

What's your first priority as an EMRA board member?
My first priority, and always my first priority, is to be accessible to the membership and represent their interests to the EMRA and ACEP Board of Directors. The future of emergency medicine should have a voice in the direction of the future of emergency medicine, and I intend to be that instrument. Secondly, I look forward to meeting the ACEP section EMRA representatives and assisting the EMRA board in filling vacancies with members interested in leadership opportunities.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
The best advice I have ever received is never be scared to fail. Failure is a powerful teacher. It is a great nemesis as it makes us feel terrible, but also, failure is a wonderful mentor. We are often taught to fear it, but it is better to embrace it. I have been blessed with many unique opportunities for simply saying, “Why not try?” Let me tell you, there have been a lot of misses (even more sleepless nights), but the trick is to not let it discourage you and keep trying.

How do you recharge after a tough shift?
With a stiff pour of good ol’ Kentucky Bourbon. I’m kidding, maybe, but mostly spending time with my wife and my residency classmates. They’re truly special, and I am extremely lucky to have them in my life.

What is something people don't know about you?
I am actually a professionally trained classical tenor (singer). I’ve even performed globally, including during High Noon Mass at The Vatican.

One skill you want but don't have (yet):
Easy, pilot an aircraft. One day when I’m an attending, I want to get my pilot’s license. That or become a bourbon distiller.

One skill you could do without:
I have an incredible ability to attract the worst cases that emergency medicine has to offer, so much so that my program saw fit to award me with the “Black Cloud Award.” As much as I love the challenge, I’d really like to be a white cloud attending, but so far, no dice.

Does pineapple go on pizza?
Absolutely not. Perhaps one could argue that pineapple on pizza is sacrilegious haha.

Favorite comfort food (or drink):
I think I would say a slice of Chicago-style pizza or Raising Canes, but I think those who know me would say Diet Coke.

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