Leadership, EMRA Board of Directors

Get to Know President-Elect Angela Cai, MD, MBA

Angela Cai, a resident at SUNY Downstate/Kings County, sought out EMRA to connect with colleagues interested in health policy.

As Director of Health Policy for the past 2 years, Dr. Cai oversaw EMRA's legislative interests, launched a robust monthly update geared toward residents and medical students, and worked with the ACEP Young Physicians Section to transition the ever-popular Health Policy Primer held in-person at ACEP LAC into a valuable virtual event.

What's your first priority as an EMRA board member?
One of my priorities serving on the EMRA Board will be to maximize resident satisfaction with their first job search. Just as EMRA's bedside books and MobilEM app are the "go-to" on-shift guides, we could build "go-to" guides to help residents understand EM practice and ownership models and how to read and negotiate your first contract.

From a big-picture perspective, EMRA should work with other EM associations to examine market challenges faced by our newest grads, including decreasing demand from low post-pandemic ED volumes and increasing supply from the growth of EM residencies. By building top-notch resources and continuing to study our workforce needs and solutions, EMRA can help every EM grad land a great job.

What is the best advice you've ever received?
Accept your best, and do not take on the burden of what you cannot control.

How do you recharge after a tough shift?
Post-night breakfast with my co-residents (plus or minus a massage)

What is something people don't know about you?
I spent a year in China during and after college working in a lab, volunteering at a migrant children's library, participating in a cultural exchange, and working as a secretary for a university.

1 skill you want but don't have (yet):
After many formal and informal lessons, I still can't quite figure out how to salsa.

1 skill you could do without:
Collecting notebooks and not writing in them

Does pineapple go on pizza?

Favorite comfort food (or drink):
Dad's Chinese-style pork bone broth noodle soup

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