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Get to Know Your Secretary/Editor-in-Chief: Jessica Adkins Murphy, MD

EMRA Secretary of the Board/EM Resident Editor-in-Chief Jessica Adkins Murphy | University of Kentucky | @DrAdkinsMurphy

What's your first priority as an EMRA board member?
My priority is using EM Resident to extend your reach in emergency medicine. By optimizing the quality and dissemination of your articles in print and online, I hope to maximize your content's potential for education and service.

What is the best advice you've ever received? 
Some of the most formative words I grew up with were the 4-H creed: "To Make the Best Better." This mantra, and the experiences I had through Kentucky 4-H, challenged me from a young age to push myself to be the best person I could be. Even as a child it compelled me to open my eyes to the issues in my community, craft solutions, and follow-through. 

How do you recharge after a tough shift? 
I love cuddling with my Great Dane and reconnecting with my husband and my family.

What is something people don't know about you?
My family has a time-honored tradition of going squirrel hunting every year. I've even cleaned, cooked, and eaten squirrel meat. That's as free-range as it gets!

1 skill you want but don't have (yet): Time management! I'm working on prioritization, balance, and saying "no" to opportunities when necessary.

1 skill you have but don’t (necessarily) want: Binging true crime podcasts for hours at a time may not be the healthiest "skill" I developed in quarantine.

Does pineapple go on pizza?
Yes! But it needs some heat to balance it out, like peppers or jalapenos.

Favorite comfort food (or drink): Pad Thai, of course!

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