Leadership, EMRA Board of Directors

Get to Know Ashley Tarchione, MD, Vice Speaker of the Council

Ashley Tarchione ("pronounced like 3 words: tar - show - knee") is here to help put the "pro" in parliamentary procedure. 

Dr. Tarchione served as the EMRA/ACEP student representative to the AMA-RSS and pitched in as a vice chair of the EMRA Health Policy Committee. As a resident at Maricopa Medical Center, she's continuing to advocate for her patients and colleagues by being active in organized medicine.

What's your first priority as an EMRA board member?
Increase EMRA town halls for residents and medical students! There are so many issues facing residents and health care providers, and we have an important voice in deciding how to fix them.

What is the best advice you've ever received?
Do what energizes you! Also, don't eat the yellow snow (courtesy of my sister).

How do you recharge after a tough shift?
Look at dog adoption websites

What is something people don't know about you?
I follow competitive eating closely.

1 skill you want but don't have (yet):
I wish I was good at trivia.

1 skill you could do without:
My extensive knowledge of reality TV

Does pineapple go on pizza?
Does gravy go on chicken?

Favorite comfort food (or drink):
Fried chicken for food. Gravy for drink.

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