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New Board: Director of Education Dr. Deena Khamees

Deena Khamees, MD
University of Michigan Medical Education Fellow • Baylor College of Medicine EM Residency Alum


What are your 2 key goals as an EMRA board member?
My EMRA goal is to make learning fun again – how can we make medical school and residency a time of thriving and not just surviving? My personal goal is to create structured time management skills so that I can give my best to each of my commitments.

How will you support EMRA members - and how can they support the specialty?
I am looking forward to supporting our membership by elevating learning experiences so that they are enjoyable and motivating, not just a necessity. EMRA members can hopefully harness that to invest themselves into the niche that they are most passionate about. 

Why is serving in a leadership role important to you?
Mom always said, “those who can, should.” I see a need in our community and I believe in the path EMRA has created to meet those needs. I am excited to delve into the areas that need work, create opportunities for our rising leaders, and make our specialty the home our membership needs.

What do you see as the biggest challenge for the specialty in the next 5 years?
We are enjoying a period of such growth in our field – increasing interest, recognition, and membership. Because of this, we’re able to diversify spectacularly – in the niche fields of sports medicine, toxicology, ultrasound, political activism, the list goes on. While this is wonderful, we also must be cognizant of splintering off and forgetting our common cause, our roots in the practice of emergency medicine. Our individual goals and paths only matter when we can trust our specialty to remain a strong, united to remain so.

Reason you chose emergency medicine:
Too many to list! I’ll say the unexpected and wonderful gem of this field is our consistent interest and commitment to innovation, in almost any niche, anywhere. We’re always up to something new and different!

Favorite procedure (to date):
Is it too cliché to say intubations? If so, I’ll say that I really do love a good paracentesis – usually low risk, easy, and of huge, immediate benefit to patients!

Most-used app on your phone:
EMRA Antibiotic Guide! Obsessed. After that, YNAB, which has been LIFECHANGING for my ability to budget and feel financially secure! Also obsessed.

Beach or mountains?
This is a cruel question! But like I tell my med students, I have to commit! Mountains.

Last song stuck in your head:
“I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan 

What goes on pizza?
Beef pepperoni (trust me), extra cheese, and mushrooms. I’m nervous someone is going to answer “pineapple” and I’ll have to fight them!

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