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EMRA Alumni Membership: We're Your People Throughout Your Career!

EMRA members are uniquely talented individuals who shape the face of emergency medicine. We want to enable you to continue being rock stars and to continue saving lives — so we have tailored the EMRA Alumni Membership for that very purpose.

As an EMRA alumni member, you can continue to be an EMRA member and continue to access the benefits you have come to know and love. Here's what's in it for you:

The Glorious EMRA Member Kit

As an EMRA alumni member, you will receive your own membership box unique to your level of membership — with the many valuable resources you have come to know and love, such as each new edition of the EMRA Antibiotic Guide, EMRA PressorDex, and other clinical resources. Also, for those wishing to brush up on their airway essentials, our alumni kit includes Dr. Rich Levitan's EMRA and Airway
•CAM Fundamentals of Airway Management
,  with a comprehensive range of full-color images illustrating the fine points of emergency airway management in various scenarios.

Saving $$$

Looking to brush up a bit with Board Review or just stay current with podcasts such as EM:RAP? You receive alumni discounts from HippoEM, RoshReview, and EM:RAP (your first year after residency). This is especially awesome for new graduates looking for deals! You can also save a ton on CME credits with alumni membership using

Developing Your Network

Emergency medicine is an incredibly small field, and we are your people! As an attending physician, you have the opportunity to mentor residents, meet rising stars in the field, and get your name out there amongst other faculty. This is a great way to develop your reputation and your brand within emergency medicine. It also affords you the opportunity to develop niche interests shared by other emergency doctors or to simply make a great group of friends.

In a nutshell, whether you are a newly minted attending physician or you have a number of years under your belt, we hope you will sign up for EMRA alumni membership! For only $99 annually, you receive the amazing benefits EMRA builds for you, while supporting your “younger siblings” coming up in emergency medicine! You are the reason EMRA is what it is today, and we hope you will continue to help shape the face of emergency medicine for years to come.

As always, please reach out to let me know how I can best serve you and make any level of membership meaningful to you. I want your honest feedback and am dedicated to making your experience amazing! Drop a line to