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During the October RepCo meeting in Denver, program representatives elected 5 physicians and marked the passing of the gavel from Immediate Past President Omar Maniya, MD, MBA, to President Hannah Hughes, MD, MBA.

The elections reflect a wide diversity in gender, race, orientation, professional background, and practice goals. In that diversity there is strength, said EMRA Executive Director Cathey B. Wise, CAE.

“We want everyone to find a home in EMRA,” Ms. Wise said. “Inclusiveness and diversity are also hallmarks of our new president’s leadership. Dr. Hughes’s commitment to diversity and inclusion will help ensure better discussions, fuller understanding of the issues our members face, and well-thought-out decisions that will lead to a stronger EMRA.”

Newly elected board members include:

  • President-Elect RJ Sontag, MD, of UT Health San Antonio;
  • Secretary/EM Resident Editor Priyanka Lauber, DO, of Lehigh Valley Health Network;
  • Vice Speaker of the Council Tracy Marko, MD, PhD, MS, of Health Partners Institute, Regions Hospital;
  • Director of Education Deena Khamees, MD, of the University of Michigan;
  • Director of Technology Nicholas Salerno, MD, of Louisiana State University (serving his second term on the EMRA Board).

Additionally, 2 EMRA Board members who were previously appointed are transitioning from a training phase into full-fledged representatives:

  • ACGME RC-EM Liaison Breanne Jaqua, DO, MPH, of Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center;
  • EMRA Representative to the AMA Sophia Spadafore, MD, of Mount Sinai School of Medicine - New York.

These new EMRA Board members join their colleagues:

  • Speaker of the Council Karina Sanchez, MD, of Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center;
  • Resident Representative to ACEP Erik Blutinger, MD, MSc, of The Mount Sinai Hospital;
  • Director of Health Policy Angela Cai, MD, MBA, of Kings County Hospital/SUNY Downstate;
  • Director of Membership Greg Tanquary, DO, MBA, of Doctors Hospital/Ohio Health;
  • Ex-Officio Member Venkat Subramaniyam, MD, of the University of Connecticut;
  • Medical Student Council Chair Corey McNeilly, MA, of UT School of Medicine San Antonio.

Click here to learn more about your newest EMRA leaders, in their own words.

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