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EMRA Hangouts Go Live at ACEP17

EMRA Hangouts are designed to connect you, as an EMRA medical student, to the leaders and best faculty advisors in emergency medicine. They year, we're going LIVE with the Hangouts at ACEP Scientific Assembly 2017 (ACEP17). Student Advising Coordinator and Hangouts guru, David Carle, tells us more about the new event.

MB: What are EMRA Hangouts?
DC: EMRA Hangouts initially were designed to “bring emergency medicine leaders to your living room” by connecting students interested in emergency medicine with nationally esteemed EM experts. Initially, they were focused to help EMRA students at schools without EM residency programs who were less likely to have local advisors. Since the beginning of Hangouts, the video conferences have grown into a monthly webinar attended by more than 1,500 students. The sessions provide valuable insight into everything from Wellness in EM to Acing Away Rotations to The Military Match.

MB: How do the LIVE hangouts compare to the traditional EMRA Hangouts?
DC: We wanted to expand the EMRA Hangouts format to increase interaction and engagement even more. During ACEP17, we will be hosting student- and resident-focused sessions not only through our normal video conference style platform but with an in-person component as well. Attendees will be able to personally interact with the speakers and see the panels in person.  If you are not able to come to ACEP17 in Washington, D.C., the EMRA Live Hangouts will be streamed online during the sessions and recordings will be posted later.

MB: Why attend?
DC: You can engage with speakers! We've planned to have a variety of students, faculty, and residents speak about current topics in EM. Expect to hear about student wellness, the benefits of national involvement/networking tips, a special session on the transition from medical school too residency, and more. Beyond the content, Live Hangouts is your chance to meet and network with some of EM's finest speakers and leaders.

MB: OK, we're in. How do we attend?
DC: Here's the schedule for student-focused sessions on Sunday, Oct. 29:

  • 10 am: The Transition M4 to Residency
  • 11 am: National Involvement/Networking
  • 1 pm: Student Wellness

Times are listed in Eastern Daylight Savings Time. Hangouts LIVE take place in the Marriott Marquis, Geranium Room on the 2nd floor.

(*You are more than welcome to attend any Hangout sessions! It might be especially helpful for MS-IVs to gain insight into resident-related topics.)

Won't be at ACEP17?
No problem - join us via the Student Session Livestream links:



Or, access the recordings later the recordings on the EMRA Hangouts page.

MB: Along with serving as EMRA's Medical Student Council Student Advising Coordinator, David is a fourth-year medical student finishing his last away rotations and finalizing his residency application. He has attended many national EM conferences, including past ACEP Scientific Assembly conferences. David, do you have any advice for medical students attending ACEP for the first time?
DC: Go to every EMRA event. Absolutely go to the EMRA Medical Student Forum (free for EMRA members, but registration is required and space is limited).  Umm”¦ this may sound like self-promotion, but I mean it. The friends and connections I have made through EMRA at previous ACEP and other conferences have led to my most meaningful medical school experiences! I'm not usually a person to walk up and talk to a complete stranger, but ACEP17 is the place to come out of your shell to meet new people. In all honesty, use ACEP17 to learn about the field (of EM) and the people who have shaped it.

One last plug: EMRA HangoutsLIVE at ACEP17 give you an opportunity to talk with a variety EMRA leaders and EM faculty on a personal level, ask questions, and gain insight. We designed these sessions to help you, as a student, engage with leaders and potential mentors at ACEP17. Don't waste the opportunity! Hope to see you at some of our sessions!