EMRA Mentorship Program

Check out EMRA's mentorship program!

Many believe that having a physician mentor is one of the most valuable resources for medical students interested in becoming a successful doctor. EMRA's mentorship program pairs eager medical students interested in emergency medicine with residents and attendings in emergency medicine. You are paired with a mentor based on your needs and wants. That does bring up a good question, though:

“What kind of things can a mentor do for me?”

Well, that depends on what you want from the relationship. Some lower year students want to know how to make their residency application stronger. Some students don't have an EM residency at their school and need advice from someone who knows the field. Others are looking for someone in their local area to team with on a research project. And still others want someone who is similar to them (military match, couples match, international graduate) to help guide them on the path to EM. It really is what you make of it.

Who will be my mentor?

The mentors are drawn from the residents of EMRA, meaning they are all current or former EM residents. Many have stayed with the program now that they are attendings. They really represent the diversity of EM in every way. They VOLUNTEER to take on student mentors, which means they are interested in helping you succeed. We pair you individually with a mentor based on the mentor's description of his/her interests and background and your description of yours.

So, if you are interested in an EM mentor outside of your school system, you can apply for a mentor here. Please be as detailed as possible in your request so we can match you with someone who can meet your needs. If you have questions, email the mentorship coordinator at