Mel Herbert, MD, MBBS, BMedSci, FACEP, FAAEM @MelHerbert


The incomparable Mel Herbert will serve as a judge for EMRA's 20 in 6 Resident Lecture Competition in Las Vegas. As one of the highly acclaimed hosts of EM:RAP, Dr. Herbert knows a thing or two about public speaking and medical education. 

Medical school?

Monash University, Melbourne, Australia


UCLA Westwood, Class of ”˜95

Current position?

Professor of EM USC Keck School of Medicine, CEO EM:RAP and Foolyboo inc

What's the best career advice you ever got?

Don't be afraid to get off the career train and do something different.

What experience(s) shaped you most as a physician?

The death of some young patients, illness within my own family, all act to make one more compassionate and thoughtful about the meaning of one's life and work.

Best time management tip?

Multitasking is NOT time efficient.

Most valuable communication tip?

Practice what you want to say – especially to consults – beforehand.

Last non-textbook you read?

“Seveneves: A Novel” (SciFci...the moon explodes...bit of a problem, it turns out)

Favorite city you've visited?


How you get your exercise?

Walk 1-2 hours a day and free-weights every other day...and golf

Most-used app on your phone?

Voxer — walkie-talkie app to keep in touch with the EM:RAP/Foolyboo crew