EMRA, Leadership, Committees and Divisions

Passing the Baton: New EMRA Committee and Division Leaders Up and Running

EMRA's committees and divisions welcomed new leaders during the SAEM conference in May, as vice-chairs stepped into the role of chairs while up-and-coming leaders began their yearlong vice-chair term. With projects still underway for most groups, the transition in leadership signals a new leg in a never-ending race. EMRA is pleased to welcome the 2016-17 Committee and Division leaders.

Awards Committee

Chair: Kristen Cadden Swann, MD, University of Virginia Health System
Vice-Chair: Aditi Mitra, MD, Beaumont Hospital

Education Committee

Chair: Patrick Olivieri, MD, St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital
Vice-Chair: Michael Yip, MD, Yale University

Health Policy Committee

Chair: Joshua Enyart, DO, Lehigh Valley Health Network
Vice-Chair: Nathan Vafaie, MD, Baylor College of Medicine

Informatics Committee

Chair: Michael Mollo, MD, Carolinas Medical Center
Vice-Chair: Michael Hoaglin, MD, Duke University

Research Committee

Co-Chairs: Cara Bergamo, MD, Denver Health and Rebecca Karb, MD, Brown University
Olga Kovalerchik, MD, Yale University

Wellness Committee

Chair: Lara Vanyo, MD, Icahn SOM at Mount Sinai
Vice-Chair: Randy Sorge, MD, Icahn SOM at Mount Sinai

Medical Student Council

Chair: Seth Kelly, Texas A&M University

Vice-Chair: Quinton Campbell, Florida State University

EMS Division

Chair: Hashim Zaidi, MD, Northwestern University
Vice-Chair: Michael Spigner, MD, University of Cincinnati

Critical Care Division

Co-Chairs: Danish Malik, MD, St. Luke's Roosevelt  Hospital and Jenelle Holst, MD, Denver Health
Vice-Chairs: Abdullah Bakhsh, MD, Emory University and Joshua Glick, MD, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center

International Division

Chair: N. Shakira Bandolin, MD, UC Davis
Vice-Chair: Eric Lee, MD, Icahn SOM at Mount Sinai

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Division

Chair: Megan Cobb, MD, University of Maryland Medical Center
Vice-Chair: Alexander Chang, DO, University of Illinois at Peoria

Simulation Division

Chair: Scott Pasichow, MD, MPH, Brown University
Vice-Chair: (Tony) Xiao Chi Zhang, MD, Brown University

Sports Medicine Division

Chair: R. Ian RossFrye, MD, Thomas Jefferson University
Vice-Chair: Albert Leung, MD, University of Chicago

Toxicology Division

Chair: Natalia Rumas, MD, Boston Medical Center
Vice-Chair: Alexandra Amaducci, DO, Lehigh Valley Health Network

Ultrasound Division

Chair: Michael Prucha, MD, Brown University
Vice-Chair: Franklin A. Poff III, DO, University of South Florida

Wilderness Division

Chair: Carrie Jurkiewicz, MD, University of Chicago
Vice-Chair: Geoffrey Comp, DO, Ohio Health Doctors Hospital