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Program Director Interview Series: Dulaya Santikul, DO, FACOEP Program Director at Orange Regional Medical Center

In the latest installment of our PD Q&A series, we are highlighting the Orange Regional Medical Center Emergency Medicine Residency Program. We spoke with the current PD Dr. Dulaya Santikul, DO, about what makes her program unique and what she looks for in potential residents.

What sets your program apart from others?

The focus of our program is on the residents and their education.

Our curriculum, our didactics, and the residents’ work schedule are centered around maximizing the residents’ clinical experience and exposure to procedures. Every Tuesday evening and Wednesday is ‘protected’ time for the residents so that they may attend didactics with a fresh mind.

We also send out our residents to outside rotations, not out of necessity, but for exposure and diversity. The residents are able to experience Emergency Medicine in the community, rural, and urban settings. Each clinical environment has its own culture, pathology, and challenges.

Quotes from our residents:

“Our program has one of the smoothest running ERs in NY state. ED workflow allows residents to focus strictly on medicine without the hassle of getting IVs on all your patients, taking patients to CT scan, etc. Our nurses and techs are on top of patient care leaving you free for medical management. This is coming from someone who has rotated at multiple NY and NYC hospitals”

“Interns are prioritized in all procedures. Will meet graduation goal for most procedures by end of intern year”

“We are given early autonomy. The number of procedures we are given intern year is abundant. We are trusted early on the run pods and see patients independently”

“We are a very close-knit program not just between residents but also with the attendings and ED staff”

What are some qualities that your program looks for in applicants?

First and foremost, we are looking for applicants who want to learn. The thirst for knowledge and desire for improvement must be there. They must be committed to viewing their co-residents, core faculty and nursing staff as a team. Excellent and compassionate patient care also must be a priority. Our faculty is 100% committed to the residents. We expect the same from our residents.

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