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I know what you’re after… A job!

The summer before your last year in residency is a great time to launch your job or fellowship search. When I began looking for jobs before starting my fellowship last summer, I felt lost. Myriad questions filled my mind: How do I decide whether to do a fellowship? What is the timeline for applications? Where do I find jobs? How do I get DEA and medical licenses? How much money do I need to have saved for moving and credentialing? Is it time to purchase own-occupation disability insurance? What kind of group business model do I want to practice in? Is this a fair job contract? The transition from residency to beyond can be daunting and overwhelming!

At the beginning of my term as your EMRA president, one of our priorities1 was for EMRA to be the leading source of career planning guidance as you work your way through residency, graduate, and tackle next steps. This month, I am proud to share that we are well on our way to making EMRA your go-to source for career planning.

EMRA Career Resources
Here’s a preview of what’s coming:

EMRA is building a landing page that will serve as a bridge during your transition and will answer all those important questions above, and more. Bookmark this page now! You can find it at

On EMRA’s career planning page, you can explore:

  • The emCareers Job Match tool
  • Guides to employment selection, group management types, and contract negotiation
  • Resources to make your CV and cover letters shine
  • Information on financial planning, loan refinancing, and disability insurance
  • A moonlighting checklist for credentialing and preparedness

EMRA will be adding more resources to the site soon, making sure you have as much support as possible for the path ahead. We are in this with you, and we will adjust with the changing landscape of EM.

Need More? Just Ask!
Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just reach out to me at We are happy to provide the information, resources, and connections you need to make your transition to independent practice as smooth as possible.


  1. Cai A. Get to Know Your President. EM Resident. 2021;48(6):4.



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