EMRA Board of Directors, EMRA Spotlight

New Board: Secretary/EM Resident Editor Dr. Priyanka Lauber

Priyanka Lauber, DO
Lehigh Valley Health Network • Pennsylvania ACEP Board of Directors


What are your 2 key goals as an EMRA board member?

  1. Help make policy and achieve actionable items to improve residents’ and medical students’ lives in a tangible manner. 
  2. Encourage more diverse resident and med student involvement in EMRA leadership and membership. 

How will you support EMRA members - and how can they support the specialty?
Support EMRA by creating EM Resident content that is helpful and educational.

Why is serving in a leadership role important to you?
EMRA is a fantastic organization that invests in its members and its leaders. Being involved in EMRA’s leadership opens up a world of opportunities to grow and receive mentorship that will provide me the tools to become an effective and collaborative leader in the future. 

What do you see as the biggest challenge for the specialty in the next 5 years?
PA/NP providers who would rather work alone than in a collaborative manner with physicians.

Physicians who are not interested in advocating hurt us all.

Reason you chose emergency medicine:
Having the skills to help in any emergency medical situation. As a medical student, the EM physician felt like the epitome of a physician. 

Favorite procedure (to date): 
Chest tubes all the way

Most-used app on your phone: 

Beach or mountains?
Depends on the day

Last song stuck in your head: 
“Loyal” by Odesza 

What goes on pizza?
Whatever you’d like - no judgment here

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