EM Leaders of Tomorrow

One of the things EMRA loves most – and does best – is help to create confident, inspiring leaders to guide the specialty into the future.

Through the EMRA & ACEP Leadership Academy, our roster of 20 EMRA committees, the EMRA Medical Student Council, the Health Policy Academy, and EMRA representatives to ACEP sections and committees, EMRA strives to offer opportunities to connect, grow, and influence the issues that will define EM moving forward.

Please help us recognize the lasting contributions and positive impact of these rising leaders.


Administration & Operations Committe
Chair Nicholas Stark, MD, MBA
Chair-elect Daniel Novak, DO

Vice Chairs
Oluwatosin Ayotunde, MD
Andrew Luo
Michael Muradian, MD

Assistant Vice Chair Christina Brown

Critical Care Committee
Chair Mina Ghobrial, MD
Chair-elect Sean Hickey, MD

Vice Chairs
Jonathan Pickos, DO
Dustin Slagle, MD
Melissa Villars, MD, MPH

Assistant Vice Chairs
Ryan Lee, MD
Taylor Miller, MD
Erena Weathers, MD

Diversity & Inclusion Committee
Chair Tatiana Carrillo, DO
Chair-elect Sandra Coker, MD

Vice Chairs
Tanesha Beckford, MD
Sarah Iqbal, MD
Biosha Jones, MD

Education Committee
Chair Sarah Ring Gibbs, MD
Chair-elect Joe-Ann Moser, MD

Vice Chairs
Megan Courtley, MD
Parth Gandhi, DO
Adam Goodcoff, DO
Ashley Penington, DO
Moira Smith, MD, MPH
Jessie Werner, MD

Assistant Vice Chairs
Kristin Lewis, MD
Cody Williams

Government Services Committee
Chair Haley Dodson, MD
Chair-elect Ryan Hodgeman, DO

Vice Chair Matthew Christensen, MD

Assistant Vice Chairs
Mira Marchioretto
Tess Munoz
Molly Sturlis

Health Policy Committee
Chair Kirstin Woody Scott, MD, MPhil, PhD
Chair-elect Logan Ramsey, MD

Vice Chairs
Evelyn Huang, MD
Michael Rushton, DO
Abbey Smiley, MD
Brandon Wang, MD
Angela Wu, MD, MSc
Sarah Zyzanski, MD
MSC Liaison Shashank Somasundaram

Informatics Committee
Chair Fran Riley, MD
Chair-elect Michael Dorritie, DO
Assistant Vice Chair Nico Kahl, MD

International Committee
Chair Travis Wassermann, MD, MPH
Chair-elect Kimberly Herard, MD

Vice Chair Akash Desai, MD

Assistant Vice Chairs
Jonathan Chan, MD
Anisa Mughal, MD
Jemima Stanley
Natalie Strokes, DO

Pediatric EM Committee
Chair Gwen Hooley, MD
Chair-elect Michelle Davis, MD, MA

Vice Chairs
Richmond Castillo, MD
Kellan Etter, DO

Assistant Vice Chairs
Tamlyn Hall, MD
John Stockton, MD

Prehospital & Disaster Medicine Committee
Chair Sarayna McGuire, MD
Chair-elect Bryan McNeilly, MD

Vice Chairs
Bryan Feinstein, MD
Jordan Rudman

Assistant Vice Chair Scott Ninokawa

Research Committee
Chair Chet Zalesky, MD, MSc
Chair-elect Nathan Dreyfus, MD
Vice Chair Nathan Vadhan, MD
Assistant Vice Chair Mathew Goebel, MD, MA

Simulation Committee
Chair Evan Strobelt, MD
Chair-elect Catherine Yu, MD

Vice Chairs
Michael Baillio, DO
Alessandra Della Porta

Social EM Committee
Chair Tehreem Rehman, MD, MPH
Chair-elect Joseph Gannett, MD

Vice Chairs
Asma Hashim, DO
Alex Ulintz, MD
Shelby Parker, MD, MPH

Assistant Vice Chairs
Diana Halloran, MD
Alexis Kimmel, MD
Kathryn Sulkowski, MD

Sports Medicine Committee
Chair Breanna Kebort, MD
Chair-elect Laura Anderson, MD
Vice Chair Brendan Tarzia, DO

Toxicology Committee
Chair Nicholas Titelbaum, MD
Chair-elect Alexa Peterson, DO
Vice Chair Shelby Randall, DO
Assistant Vice Chair Katelynn Baska, DO

Ultrasound Committee
Chair Sam Southgate, MD, MA
Chair-elect Jacob Freudenberger, DO

Vice Chairs
Rame Bashir, MD
Sagar Desai, MD
Katie VanNatta, DO

Assistant Vice Chairs
Eric Lieu, MD
Brock Chimileski
Rich Dowd, DO

Wellness Committee
Chair Allie Lockwood, MD
Chair-elect Leena Owen, DO, MPH
Vice Chair Jessie Cable
Assistant Vice Chair Leyanet Gonzalez

Wilderness Committee
Chair Lainey Yu, DO, MS, FAWM
Chair-elect Katie Kammert, DO

Vice Chairs
Matthew Basinger, MD
Michelle Skuba-Gray, MD
Kaitlyn Votta, MD

Assistant Vice Chairs
Jordan Brown
Sriram Venkatesan


Omar Alazem, MSIII
Alaa Aldalati, MBBS
Joseph Alex, MD, NRP
Megan Barnes, MSIII
Kersti Bellardi, DO
Rico Beuford, MD
Alex Bonilla, MD
Josh Bridge, MSIII
Allyson Briggs, MD
Zachary Carel, MSIII
Keelan Connelly, MSIII
Paige Dosch, DO
Castrenze Fricano, MD, EMT-P
Samuel Garcia, MD
Dominique Gelmann, MSIII
Ridhima Ghei, MD
Leyanet Gonzalez, MSIII
Sophia Gorgens, MD
Cameron Grossaint, DO
Megan Hanna, MSIII
Kirlos Haroun, MD
Katherine Hayman, MSIII
Kelsey Keeling, DO
Melinda Kizziah, DO
Brian Kwan, MD, MS
Brittany Ladson, MSIII
Jordan Lawson, DO
Kristin Lewis, MD, MA
Alex Lucas, MSIII
Matthew Lyons, MSII
Aryan Madani, MSIII
Brandon Mallory, MSII
Igor Mashchenko, MD, MS
Daniel Masin, DO
Patrick McKeny, DO, MS
Eric Medrano, MD
Nathan Menaker, MD
Benjamin Miller, MSIII
Joe-Ann Moser, MD, MS
Michael Muradian, MD
Adila Mustafa, MBBS
Joan Nambuba, MSBS
Sinthu Natesan, MD, MAPP
Chi-Tam Nguyen, MD
Scott Ninokawa, MSIII
Kristen Nordham, MSII
Glorilyn Joyce Ong, MD
Benjamin Parva, MD
Michael Perlmutter, MSIII
Tucker Price, MSI
Jeanne Rabalais, MD, MHA
Soumya Ramireddy, MSIII
Nadija Rieser, MD
Maria Russ, DO, MS
Emily Schaeffer, MSIII
Kirstin Woody Scott, MD, MPhil, PhD
Angel Shavalier, MSIII
Gabriel Siegel, MD
Shane Solger, MD
Samuel Sondheim, MD, MBA
John Spartz, MSIII
Ryan Starkman, MSII
Natalie Strokes, DO, MS
Anna Trtchounian, MD, MS
Sara Urquhart, MA, RN
Kylie Van Hoesen, MSIII
Megan Wudkewych, MSIII
Sara Zito, MD


Reference Committee Chair Michaela Banks, MD MBA
Christopher Counts, MD, MSc
Miya Smith, MD


Chair Chiamara Anokwute
Vice Chair David Wilson
Editor Luke Wohlford

Legislative: Shashank Somasundaram
Mentorship: Hannah Seyller
Osteopathic: Grace Bunemann
Student Advising: Sierra Williams
Web/Tech: John Dickens
Midwest: Sahar Rammaha
Northeast: Lexi Van Besien
Southeast: Molly Sturlis
West: Tyler Rigdon
AMA-MSS Representative: Alysa Edwards
AMA-MSS Representative: Spencer Bayless

Regional Representatives
Pacific: Nicole Lund
Great Plains: Danielle Andrews
Great Lakes: Collin Brooks
Northeast 1: Michelle Abrokwa
Northeast 2: Alexander Gallaer
Mid-Atlantic: Jessica André
South-central: Kelsey Morgan, RN
Southwest: Bianca Shepherdson
Southeast 1: Justine McKittrick
Southeast 2: Kevin Bennett
International: Matthew Carvey

EMRA Reps to ACEP Sections, 2021-2022

Air Medical Transport: Hajirah Ishaq, DO
American Association of Women Emergency Physicians: Sandra Coker, MD
Critical Care Medicine: Mina Ghobrial, MD
Democratic Section: Abbey Smiley, MD
Disaster: Bryan Feinstein, MD
Diversity, Inclusion, Health Equity: Tatiana Carrillo, DO
Dual Training: Parth Gandhi, DO
Geriatrics: Jonathan Dillen, MD
EM Informatics: Michael Dorritie, DO
Telehealth: Crystal Donelan, MD
EM Ultrasound: Sam Southgate, MD, MA
EMS-Prehospital Care: Donnell Philippe Octavio Lazaro Paulina, MD
EM Practice Management & Health Policy: Nicholas Cozzi, MD, MBA
Event Medicine: Paige Cardin, MD
Free-Standing EDs: Sydney Cryder, DO
Forensic Medicine: Alexa Peterson, DO
International: Travis Wasserman, MD
Medical Humanities: Lydia Mansour, DO
Observation: Kaitlyn Beels, MD
Pain Management and Addiction: Martha Castro, MD
Palliative: Scott Gay, DO
Pediatric EM: Michelle Davis, MD, MA
Research, Scholarly Activity, and Innovation: Nathan Dreyfus, MD
Social EM: Alexis Kimmel, MD
Tactical EM: Sarayna McGuire, MD
Trauma Injury and Prevention: William Haussner, MD
Toxicology: Nicholas Titelbaum, MD
Quality Improvement and Patient Safety: Oluwatosin Ayotunde, MD
Wellness: Leena Owen, DO
Wilderness Medicine: Lainey Yu, DO, MS, FAWM
YPS: Hannah Hughes, MD, MBA

EMRA Reps to ACEP Committees, 2021-2022

Academic Affairs: Arjun Arya, MD 
CEDR: Michael Muradian, MD
Clinical Policies: Melissa Villars, MD, MPH
Coding and Nomenclature: Daniel Novak, DO
Communications: Angela Cai, MD, MBA
Disaster Preparedness and Response: Yev Maksimenko, MD
Education: Moira Smith, MD, MPH
Ethics: Shannon Burke, MD
EMS: Bryan McNeilly, MD
EM Practice: Nicholas Cozzi, MD, MBA
Federal Government Affairs: Maggie Moran, MD
Finance: RJ Sontag, MD
Health Innovation Technology: Michael Rushton, DO
International: Kimberly Herard, MD
Medical-Legal: Patricia Yang, MD
PEM: Gwen Hooley, MD
Public Health and Injury Prevention: Joseph Gannett, MD
Public Relations: Angela Cai, MD, MBA
Quality and Patient Safety: Nicholas Stark, MD, MBA
Reimbursement: Tehreem Rehman, MD, MPH
Research: Chet Zalesky, MD, MSc
State Legislative/Regulatory: Kirstin Woody Scott, MD, MPhil, PhD
Wellbeing: Allison Lockwood, MD


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