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Meet Haley Dodson, MD

We're pleased to introduce Haley Dodson, MD, vice chair of the EMRA Government Services Committee, 2020-2021.

Haley DodsonProgram: Naval Medical Center San Diego

Your goal as an EMRA leader: To help showcase the contributions military physicians are making to emergency medicine and its applicability beyond battlefield medicine. To provide information to medical students and residents regarding the unique paths and opportunities available to military EM physicians.

Why serve as an EMRA leader?
As one of the few military med students at my school, EMRA helped immensely putting me in contact with other Navy EM docs and really helped demystify the military match process. Serving as head of a committee seemed like a great way to keep this tradition going and to help residents better understand our options after residency.

What is something people don't know about you?
Before medical school, I spent 8 years serving as an engineer on submarines, where reaching a consultant used to mean steering a satellite over a box in the ocean and raising a periscope with communication capabilities that would disconnect when splashed with water. Those painful calls to the neurosurgeon don't seem so bad now.

If I weren't an emergency physician, I would be: Playing tennis and telling myself I'll get a paying job next week.

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