EMRA Spotlight, Ultrasound

Meet Jacob Freudenberger

We're pleased to introduce Jacob Freudenberger, vice chair of the EMRA Ultrasound Committee, 2020-2021.

Jake Freudenberger.pngProgram: University of North Texas

Your goal as an EMRA leader: To help continue to grow the field of ultrasound and make education more accessible and fun for others. EMRA has so many incredible resources, I hope to contribute to the resources and of course make everyone I can aware of them!

Top 3 traits of a great leader:
1. Passion
2. Perseverance
3. Patience

What is the best advice you've ever received?
So this isn't related to being a leader as much, but this is by far the best thing I was told by an EM physician-mentor of mine: Be careful always looking forward to the next step, especially in medicine. There is always an opportunity to say, "I can't wait till I am (insert next step in life here)." Whether it's going from 1st to 2nd year of medical school, finishing Step 1, then step 2, then auditions, then the Match, then intern year, then the year before you graduate from residency; there's always something else. If you don't forget to live in the present and find ways to enjoy the process, you are destined for burnout because you will wonder where the last 7-9 years of your life went. It always stuck with me and I try to live that advice everyday.

If I weren't an emergency physician, I would be: Social Entrepreneur. I would create an organization that is successful by doing good for the world.

What's on your playlist?
Everything but country and screamo pretty much. Contemporary, Classic Rock, Rap, EDM, classical, movie themes, etc. I love pretty much all music. Music is my life.

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