EMRA Spotlight, Critical Care Committee

Meet Mina Ghobrial, MD

We're pleased to introduce Mina Ghobrial, MD, chair-elect of the EMRA Critical Care Committee, 2020-2021.

Mina GhobrialProgram: Emory University School of Medicine

Your goal as an EMRA leader: Broadly, my goal is to facilitate opportunities for emergency medicine residents interested in applying to critical care medicine fellowship and offer resources for residents on their ICU rotations and those with an additional interest in the optimal, evidence-based care of acutely, critically ill patients in the ED.

Why serve as an EMRA leader?
EMRA functions as one of the strongest networking and resource platforms for EM residents. When I initially developed an interest in Critical Care Medicine (CCM), I turned to EMRA to learn more about what opportunities exist and to help guide my approach in applying for fellowship. Ultimately, I have benefited greatly from the opportunities afforded to me through this organization and wanted to be part of the team that assists in propelling this committee forward to its next stages. 

Top 3 traits of a great leader: 
1. Dynamic
2. Dedicated
3. Reliable

Last non-textbook I read: "In Shock" by Rana Awdish 

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