EMRA, Leadership Reports, Treasurer's Report

Strength in Our Numbers

Fiscal Year 2014-2015 (FY14-15) has been yet another success for EMRA. Our continued growth in terms of membership, member benefits, and financial standing is a true testament to the committed member base, the dedicated leadership, and the outstanding staff that EMRA is privileged to call its own.


Our membership numbers have reached an all-time high, with FY14-15 reflecting significant growth in almost every category. EMRA plans to focus on recruiting more fellow members, with an aim to provide services and benefits to suit their unique needs.

Membership is not reflected simply by the numbers, though. EMRA is extremely fortunate to have an engaged member base, with leaders serving at every level. As board members, we dedicate a large amount of our time in training to this organization. However, our committee and division leaders, our authors and contributors, our liaisons to ACEP and other external organizations, as well as many others, have all given of their time and talent to make EMRA what it is today.

Member Benefits

This past year saw the launch of many new member benefits, including HippoEM and Basics of EM: Pediatrics. And work has been underway for the upcoming revamped editions of the EMRA Advocacy Handbook as well as the Medical Student Survival Guide. And keep your eyes open for new publications coming soon to the EMRA library.

EMRA also continues to have a strong working relationship with ACEP, which is leading to new benefits as well. This year ACEP and EMRA are working together to encourage members to upload information into their ACEP Portfolio Tracker, which will provide easy access to essential personal information when you apply for licensing and jobs. And since ACEP will be moving into a new headquarters building next year, EMRA will also be moving on up!

Financial Standing

Over the past fiscal year, EMRA's member equity has continued to grow — now totaling over $3.7 million. Having such a strong financial footing allows our organization to offer the benefits outlined previously, to get creative during strategic planning, and to explore new ideas as well.

Financial success also allows for donations directed at improving emergency care across the nation and the world. EMRA has again donated to the Emergency Medicine Action Fund (EMAF), which focuses on regulatory advocacy. Following the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, this has become more important than ever as we all realize that the devil is truly in the regulatory details when it comes to legislation.

EMRA also continues to significantly donate to the Emergency Medicine Foundation (EMF), which has awarded more than $12 million in research grants since its inception in 1972. These grants are directed at developing emergency medicine researchers, as well as improving patient care and developing meaningful health policy initiatives.

It is important to note the tremendous working relationship that EMRA has with both of these organizations. Since we have seats on both boards, we are able to contribute to conversation and ensure that our dollars are doing the most good.

EMRA Finance Committee

I had the honor of serving as the chair of the EMRA Finance Committee this past year. In only its second year of existence, the committee has already achieved great success by focusing on a balanced budget, reviewing EMRA's investments, and tightening internal policies. A more structured approach to our finances is allowing for informed and responsible growth as an organization.

Looking at how EMRA has grown, it is absolutely amazing that we accomplish so much with only 4.5 full-time staff members. Their hard work, long hours, and genuine care and concern for EMRA reflects the importance of our mission – and it is also one of the main reasons for that we are able to fulfill it.

EMRA continues to expand its numbers and influence, due to your support and ideas. As we grow, we will continue to seek new ways to serve you and the community of emergency medicine.