Top Stories of 2016

EM Resident's top stories of 2016 are as varied and dynamic as the field they represent. From advice for medical students to a range of clinical updates, you clicked and read and stayed informed. We're looking forward to bringing you even more top news in 2017! Follow us on Twitter (@emresidents) and submit an article yourself.

Now, on to the countdown. The top 10 stories of 2016 were. . .

  1. Sepsis-3: Redefining Sepsis
    Mariana Guerrero, MD, and Sarah Perman, MD, MSCE

  1. Ahead of the Curve: Assessment of Fluid Responsiveness in the ED
    Clark Owyang, MD, Ram Parekh, MD, and Chad Meyers, MD

  1. Confirmation of Endotracheal Intubation with Bedside US
    Marsia Vermeulen, DO, and Jennifer Beck-Esmay, MD

  1. Resident Duty Hours: On the Brink of Change Again?
    Alison Smith, MD, MPH, Hans House, MD, FACEP, and Stephen Wolf, MD, FACEP

  1. PAs in the ED: What Do Residents Need to Know?
    Terry Carlisle, PA-C, Michelle Seithel, PA-C, and Chadd Kraus, DO, DRPh, MPH

  1. REBOA: A Precious (Life)line
    Megan Simon Thomas, MD, and Danish Malik, MD

  1. Redefining the (Emergency) Physician-Astronaut
    Faye T. Pedersen, MD, and Jennifer S. Jackson, MD

  1. Introducing the ALTO Alternatives to Opioids Program
    David Traficante, DO, Katrina D'Amore, DO, MPH, and Alexis M. Lapietra, DO

  1. ABA, ABEM Announce Combined Residency for EM/Anesthesia

  1. Top 10 Ways to Ace Your Away Rotations
    Sean Ochsenbein, MSIV, Adam Kellogg, MD, Michael Spigner, MD, and Dru Morgan, MD

Hats off to a couple of stories that have stood the test of time and continue to gain traction more than a year after they were published: