Top Stories of 2017

EM Resident's top stories of 2017 explore the human condition, in one way or another.

Perennially popular topics (like matching) remained clickable. Clinical discussions were devoured. But this year you showed a greater interest in relating to the people around you. As we reflect on the important issues of 2017, we look forward to carrying lessons learned into the new year. Join us! Follow us on Twitter (@emresidents) and submit an article yourself.

Now, on to the countdown. The top stories of 2017 were. . .

Post-Intubation Sedation: Bridging the Gap Between the ED and the ICU
Clark Owyang, MD | Joshua Glick, MD | Christina Candeloro, PharmD, BCPS, BCCCP
In this era of ED-ICUs and inpatient boarding, the crucial tenets of post-intubation sedation and analgesia can be overlooked. This article helps you keep them in focus.

Meet the New EMRA Board: RC-EM Representative Eric McDonald, MD
Eric McDonald, MD, is the voice of emergency medicine residents on the ACGME's Review Committee for the specialty. Get to know this key leader.

Creating the Perfect Rank Order List: Real Advice from Current EM Residents
Katie VanNatta, MBA, DO

Almost everything about the match process is stressful. Get advice from those who already navigated the course.

Top 10 Zika Facts for Emergency Physicians
Francesco Adami

Sure, temperatures might be freezing right now – but mosquito season will be here again soon. You ready?

Letter from the Editor: Those 3 Little Words That Mean So Much
Abby Cosgrove, MD

Think back to your earliest rotations in the ED. Were you made to feel incompetent? Harshly criticized – and not in private? Why is this behavior acceptable? It's time to put a stop to bullying among physicians.

Best Podcasts for the Student EM Nerd
Shyam Murali
This is one student's take on the world of podcasts: what's good, what's helpful, what's playing now.

Military EM Residency Guide: Demystifying the Military Match and Application Process
Linda Katirji, MD | Sameer Desai, MD, FACEP | Emily Hillman, MD | Lucienne Lutfy-Clayton, MD, FACEP | Gillian Schmitz, MD, FACEP

The military match in emergency medicine can be complex. Simplify it with this guide.

Update: The Single Accreditation System and How It's Affecting AOA Residencies and Fellowships
Ashley Guthrie, DO
Checking in at the 18-month mark, this article reviews the merger and all the issues attached.

Is There a Doctor on Board? Answering the Call for Help
Yash Chavda, DO | Ethan Abbott, DO

If you haven't been mid-flight and heard the ubiquitous call for a doctor aboard, just wait – you will. What can you expect after you answer that call?

Protecting the Protectors: Physician Roles in Tactical Emergency Medicine Support
Jonathan Hardy, MSIV | Faroukh Mehkri, DO
Tactical Emergency Medicine Support (TEMS) is a growing niche in the specialty. It brings physicians inside the perimeter of crime scenes and incidents, responding right along with law enforcement.

Two stories seem to have ongoing relevance, continuing to offer insight years after their debut: