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Preparing for the Standardized Video Interview

This year, students applying to EM residencies will be required to complete a Standardized Video Interview (SVI) with their ERAS application. This video interview must be completed by July 31 for students applying to EM residency programs during the 2017-2018 application cycle. To help you navigate the new SVI, EMRA has reviewed many resources and recommends the following articles and videos:

If you are an EMIG leader at your school, we highly recommend organizing a practice SVI event for the rising MS-IVs with a local EM program director or EMIG advisor. While you won't be able to exactly replicate the SVI questions and setting, a practice interview can be an excellent way to quell your EMIG members' anxiety surrounding the new SVI.

The EMRA Medical Student Council is an organization of students dedicated to helping you, as an EM-interested medical student and EMRA member. We want your feedback on the SVI process. If you have additional questions or thoughts about the SVI, we are here to help you and be your voice. Feel free to email us (, and we can connect you to the right person to answer your questions.