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Letter to the Editor Clarification on Take-Home Naloxone Dear Editor, We applaud EM Resident (June/July 2017) cover and related review on “Take-Home Naloxone.” We would like to provide clarification
Angling for Success: Techniques for Fishhook Removal in the ED An 11-year-old boy presents to the emergency department. While fishing, he was startled by a dog. He began to run away but tripped, land
Board Review Questions: August 2017 A social worker brings a 10-month-old boy to the emergency department for an examination before placing him in a foster home. He was removed from his own home beca
EMRA Alumni Membership: We're Your People Throughout Your Career! EMRA members are uniquely talented individuals who shape the face of emergency medicine. We want to enable you to continue being rock
Keep on Rockin' in Emergency Medicine First and foremost, a huge welcome to all of our new members! We are so excited to have this year's interns up an at ”�em in our departments already. While you m
Is There a Doctor on Board? Answering the Call for Help It is not every day that we have an encounter that reminds us exactly why we love emergency medicine. I was fortunate and unfortunate enough to
Improvised Medicine: Lessons from the Wilderness Improvised medicine might be viewed as a skill reserved for the wilderness — for the people who can whittle an entire trauma bay out of a few sticks.
The Daddy Diaries: Emergency Tee-ball Editor's note: Dr. McDonald and his wife are raising 7 children as he completes his third year of residency, serves on the EMRA Board, and represents residents o
Obsidian The pager goes off”¦ trauma activation. SICU and I'm on call. I make my way to the ED. My fellow resident is there, doing the lateral canthotomy, ET tube's in. It's bad — auto vs. pedestrian
ECG Challenge - Aug 2017 Case. A 97-year-old female with a past medical history of congestive heart failure with an ejection fraction of 20%, hypertension, and chronic left bundle branch block presen