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46-5 Multiple Myeloma - Lytic Lesions.jpg
Symptoms of multiple myeloma can be as nondescript as weight loss, fatigue, generalized weakness, and bone pain. Focus on the classic tetrad of hypercalcemia, renal failure, anemia, and bony lytic les
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This case study highlights the need to investigate patients who present with non-specific complaints with a potentially life-threatening cause in mind.
It's becoming more common to use thromboelastography and rotational thromboelastometry in the ED. What's your comfort level with TEG and ROTEM?
Methemoglobinemia can be fatal if not managed correctly. Make sure you know what to do for patients with this particular blood disorder.
Blood Transfusion Reactions: TACO, TRALI, and Other Considerations A 67-year-old woman with no known medical problems presents to the emergency department (ED) with severe anemia identified by her pr
The White Count: Acute Hyperleukocytosis and Leukostasis Etiology and Management Case. A 25-year-old previously healthy male presents with a three-week history of flu-like symptoms, including myalgia