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Health Policy Journal Club: Striking a Balance Between Access and Cost Freestanding emergency departments offer risks and rewards to our health care system. In the 1970s, the freestanding emergency d
Everyone Else Ends Up Paying the Price Every 1% increase in uninsured leads to a $20 increase in ER bills for privately insured. "When someone without health coverage gets urgent—often expensive—medi
ACA Increased Emergency Department Use   Increasing access to insurance alone does not lead to a decrease in ED visits As the Affordable Care Act was being implemented, many politicians and health po
Health Policy Journal Club: Access to Specialists Worse with Medicaid Orthopedic appointment availability 5 times higher for uninsured than for Medicaid Increase outpatient services and thereby decre
Health Policy Journal Club: Time to Join the War Against High Drug Prices Physicians can take steps to limit the pharmaceutical industry's ability to price-gouge The cost of prescription drugs in the
Where are freestanding emergency departments popping up - and how will that affect health policy?