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Program Director Interview Series: Mary Westergaard, MD, FACEP | University of Wisconsin This month we interviewed Mary Westergaard, MD, FACEP, Program Director at the University of Wisconsin Emergen
How to Succeed on Audition Rotations It's that time of the year! Fourth-year medical students are leaving the nest to audition at residency programs across the country. Whether you are rotating at an
Top 10 Ways to Ace Your Away Rotations Why settle for being average, when you can be the best version of yourself? Take advice from those who know how to shine on EM away rotations – because when 4 w
MSIV Reflections on Matching EM (Part 2) What I Know Now That I Wish I Knew Then From the EMRA Medical Student Council   Introduction Welcome back to part two of our MSC's reflections on matching, th
MSIV Reflections on Matching EM (Part 1) What I Know Now That I Wish I Knew Then From the EMRA Medical Student Council Introduction This time of year brings feelings of change to every medical studen
Advice for EM Applicants: Planning Your Fourth-Year Schedule EM rotations: When, where, and how many? For third-year medical students planning to specialize in emergency medicine, preparing a fourth
Cost-Effective Equality & Residency The reason certain residencies have a robust global health or research program and others have mediocre ones is not that the opportunities don't exist — it's the d
Diagnosing the Match: Trends in the Applicant Selection Process Diagnosis -- “to know between.” It's something we do daily as medical care providers, especially in the emergency department as we are
Tips for the Interview Trail Congratulations, EM residency applicants! The toughest part of medical school is behind you. You've taken Step 1 (and most likely, Step 2), you've completed your pre-clin
What is CDEM? Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine (CDEM) is the National Organization representing Undergraduate Medical Education in Emergency Medicine. CDEM was formed in 2008, and became the