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Welcome to a new academic year!

July marks a turning point each year, as new interns arrive in programs throughout the country, newly graduated residents launch the next phase of their careers, and medical students take the next steps in their journey to residency. Do you know how EMRA can help?

Resources for Interns
All EM programs will receive Intern Kits this summer with resources that offer immediate backup for those first nerve-wracking shifts. The high-yield EMRA Intern Kit is sent for free to all EM interns (membership not required) and includes:

  • Basics of Emergency Medicine, 4th (newly updated this year!)
  • Basics of EM: Pediatrics, 3rd (newly updated this year!)
  • EMRA Trauma Guide

Plus, log in at emra.org to find resources specific for interns: https://www.emra.org/resident/pgy1/

Resources for PGY2+
EMRA resident members receive the nearly 10-pound EMRA Resident Kit upon first joining EMRA. It is packed with clinical resources for every rotation - some you’ll need only rarely (but prove to be clutch), and some you’ll use every single shift (EMRA Antibiotic Guide, anyone?). Plus, check out:

Resources for Fellows and Alumni
Just because you've finished residency doesn't mean you're not still part of the #EMRAFamily. We treat you like one of our own, long after you’ve surpassed your residency years. Fellows and alumni receive their own tailored EMRA Member kits upon joining after residency. Plus, check out:

From EMRA Match for Jobs to podcast content to contract negotiation tips and CV prep, we've got you covered.

Resources for Students
EMRA shows up for medical students interested in this specialty. From new advising content every month to opportunities for leadership and growth, EMRA student membership is high-yield. Plus, our online resources are unparalleled:

Resources for All
Check www.emra.org often, as we constantly add new content (podcasts, vlogs, Hangouts, free publications, open-access EM Resident online, and more).

Plus, refer often to these critical resources:

Welcome to this new stage of your career! We're glad you're here, and it's our privilege to journey with you.

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