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Landmark Articles: GI Edition Welcome back to the Landmark Article project! In this issue, we are focusing on the gastrointestinal tract, and the care of two major conditions. We examine some of the
Pathways to Critical Care Fellowship Training (Panel Discussion, ACEP14) The Fellows' Perspective Ann Tsung, MD. Ann is from the University of Florida and has matched at Washington University in St.
The Masquerading HSV Infection Case Presentation Your next patient is a 36-year-old female with fever, body aches, and headache. She has been ill for four days with a temperature of 101 °F at home. S
2015 ACEP Legislative Advocacy Conference and Leadership Summit On the Health Policy Horizon The first day of spring has passed, and that means the 2015 ACEP Legislative Advocacy Conference and Leade
Anisocoria CASES Case 1. The Patient A 61-year-old female complains of sudden onset right eye pain, headache, blurred vision, and vomiting 2 hours prior to coming to the ED. Physical examination reve
A Call to Advocacy As my shift is about to start, I look at the board to see what's new and what may be signed out. There's a drunk patient in bed 5, a psychotic patient in 19 in restraints, over in
The Pediatric Burn Patient: A Simplified Approach Burns are a fairly common occurrence among the pediatric population. While most burns are limited and require only localized wound care and outpatien
ISAEM and the Push for Emergency Medicine Worldwide Establishing the Standard To many EMRA members, it may come as a surprise that the specialty of emergency medicine is a foreign term, and in many c
MSIV Reflections on Matching EM (Part 1) What I Know Now That I Wish I Knew Then From the EMRA Medical Student Council Introduction This time of year brings feelings of change to every medical studen
A Call for Formalized Training in Hand-Off Procedures 7 pm arrives. Your stomach is growling. You realize you haven't taken a bathroom break in the past twelve hours, and it's already time to sign ou