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Building EMRA Your Growth, Our Evolution In my seven years as an EMRA member, I have seen our association grow in size, strength, and influence. We've added not just members, but also accomplishments
The Value of Variety The knowledge base required for clinical expertise in emergency medicine is immense. Even after decades of practice, it is still routine to hear seasoned emergency physicians mak
Wake-Up Call: Fear and Empathy in Emergencies The shrill sound of my pager rang me out of my early-morning stupor at 5 a.m. The small screen indicated that a Level 1 trauma was heading our way soon –
Short of Breath Short List The diagnosis of cardiopulmonary pathology in a pregnant patient presenting with dyspnea and/or chest pain can be an arduous task given the physiologic changes of pregnancy
Tackling Transitions: The Pace of Medical Training and Practice At this time of year, nearly everyone on the physician's path is in a state of transition. For many, the beginnings of medical school,
Cutting the Check: The Money Trail in the ED Has a patient ever asked you, “How much will this visit cost me?” Have you ever wondered the same thing? The world of billing is complicated, but it's ext
Thrombolytics for Pulmonary Embolism in Pregnancy A 32-year-old pregnant woman at 30 weeks gestation is brought to the emergency department. Earlier in the day she had a sudden onset of shortness of