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Perils and Pitfalls of Adopting Bleeding-Edge Technology in the ED “Wearable technology” has become a part of daily life for millions of individuals. Who can remember the last time they navigated a
STEMI or no STEMI? A Challenging Diagnosis A 26-year-old anxious, diaphoretic male presents with crushing mid-sternal chest pain that awakened him from sleep. Past medical history is unremarkable asi
Michael J. Caudell, MD, FACEP, FAWM, DiMM Medical school & residency: Medical College of Georgia Current position: Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University: Professor of Emergency Medicine; M
ECG Challenge Case. A 59-year-old male smoker with a history of hypertension, familial hyperlipidemia and insulin dependent diabetes presents with 2 hours of substernal chest pressure radiating to hi
A Personal Story of Burnout Up until this past week, I thought I had a good handle on burnout. I thought I had figured it out. At some point during the past year, during a string of overnight shifts
Rapid Research Review: Power Power Recall that Type I error  is the probability of falsely rejecting the null hypothesis (H0) based on our sample even though H0 is true in the population. Alternative