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Barking Up the Wrong Tree: Not all Stridor is Croup Although a common presenting symptom, stridor can be the first sign of a serious and potentially life-threatening condition within the pediatric po
Passing the Baton: New EMRA Committee and Division Leaders Up and Running EMRA's committees and divisions welcomed new leaders during the SAEM conference in May, as vice-chairs stepped into the role
Letter from the Editor Spring has sprung, summer is almost here, moods and pool covers have been lifted. Residency is flying by, and like seasons, the more I know and the more experiences I have, the
POLST: Guiding Providers in End of Life Care It is 9 a.m. in the emergency department when triage announces overhead, “Cardiac arrest. 5 minutes.” A few minutes later, the EMS crew arrives actively d
Affordable Care Act: 5 Years Later Are We There Yet? Just 5 years ago, millions of Americans entered a new era of health care. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was born and sold as the solution for impr
Driving the Evolution of EM Recently I had the pleasure of attending the EMRA Medical Student Symposium, a collaboration between EMRA and Ohio ACEP. At this student-centric event in Columbus, Ohio, I
ECG Challenge Case A 76-year-old female with dementia and unknown cardiac history presents with chest pain and palpitations for 4 hours. Answer Atrial fibrillation preceded and followed by paced beat