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During a pivotal panel discussion hosted by EMRA’s Admin & Ops Committee at ACEP23, leading experts urgently called for a paradigm shift in how ED crowding is perceived and addressed. Far from being a
News & Notes in Emergency Medicine: April-May-June 2024
Flood syndrome is defined as a spontaneous rupture of an umbilical hernia leading to sudden loss of ascitic fluid. It is a rare condition that carries a high mortality rate.
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Leadership — in addition to being 1 of the 3 main pillars at the heart of EMRA’s mission (the other 2 being education and advocacy) — is part of the hidden curriculum of emergency medicine. How do we
Does triage create a bias that might contribute to mis-diagnosis? The Health Policy Journal Club evaluates a recent study of the Emergency Severity Index.
A 64-year-old male with past medical history of HTN, CAD, and prior MI presents due to substernal chest pain. What is your interpretation of his ECG?
Congratulations to the winners of our 2024 EMRA Annual Awards!
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Our study, examining how eclipses affect human behavior in terms of ED visits and acuity, suggests that the presence of an eclipse does not detrimentally affect human behavior. Human beings are sentie
Half a century ago, our association was founded with a vision of service to, and representation of, emergency medicine residents. EMRA has kept that charge at the core of its mission.
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In the ED, simple cost-effective interventions leading to small-scale success toward sustainability are excellent starting points to establish environmental accountability beginning at the department