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How can we fix underrepresentation of women in medicine? The solution begins long before residency, but the ability to diversity our workforce starts with residents.
What's the T? Caring for Transgender Individuals in the Emergency Department Recently, I had my first experience caring for a transgender patient in the emergency department. The patient's chief comp
Bridging the Gap: Gender and Leadership in Emergency Medicine Emergency medicine (EM) residents face many time constraints: long work hours, endless emails, reading lists, research requirements, and
Diversity and Inclusion in Emergency Medicine As our country grows more diverse, tackling health disparities is imperative to improving patient outcomes. After all, human experiences and cultural per
Diversifying Emergency Medicine The Importance of a Diverse Physician Workforce In 2015, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) released a report highlighting that the number of black ma
A Perspective on Diversity From the Outside in Emergency Medicine Training Diversity A word that carries as many definitions as emotions it engenders. Sometimes used as a pejorative; sometimes as a c
A Different Perspective Ian and I found out we were pregnant on the Sunday after Thanksgiving – one month along; everything seemed to be going right in life, and this just felt like it was meant to b