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"Wanna write that up?" Not many phrases in emergency medicine can induce as much anxiety as these four innocuous words. These 10 steps can help you overcome that anxiety and get published.
EMRA Journal Club: Intravenous Lidocaine for ED Patients with Renal Colic Renal colic affects 12% of people worldwide and recurs at a rate of 50%.1 First line therapy for management of pain associate
Journal Club for Dummies: How Not to Be Intimidated by Evidence-Based Medicine Have you ever looked at a journal club article and felt overwhelmed? You are not alone! Many residents are in the same b
Rapid Research Review: Data Sets and Summary Indexes Olga Kovalerchik, MD, Emergency Medicine Resident, EMRA Research Committee, Vice-Chair, Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, CT You've just finishe
Rapid Research Review: More Study Types More Study Types Case Series This is used when the objective is to describe and find patterns related to a particular disease/problem. Case series are useful f
Rapid Research Review: Study Types Case-Control (“What happened?”) Compares a group with a disease to a group without disease.  This study can calculate an odds ratio. Advantages: many exposures can
Rapid Research Review: Power Power Recall that Type I error  is the probability of falsely rejecting the null hypothesis (H0) based on our sample even though H0 is true in the population. Alternative
Taking the Plunge: Lessons from ACEP's EMBRS Workshop Interested in pursuing a fellowship that will require research? Better yet, interested in a career in emergency medicine research? ACEP's Emergen
Rapid Research Review: PPV and NPV An Initiative of the EMRA Research Committee Terms Positive Predictive Value (PPV): The probability that a positive test result predicts disease Negative Predictive
Top Research Articles of 2015 EMRA's Research Committee is pleased to present the Top Research Articles of 2015.  EMRA Committees and Divisions selected the leading 2-3 journal articles in their fiel