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Rapid Research Review: Sensitivity and Specificity An Initiative of the EMRA Research Committee Terms Sensitivity: Ability of a test to detect a disease when it is present Specificity: Ability of a t
Be the Change Project Addresses ICU Boarders Editor's Note: In 2014, a team from Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Illinois, was awarded the EMRA Be the Change Grant for their “ICU Boarders
Critical Care Research Database - 2015 Edition This research database is a comprehensive resource through which students, residents and fellows can develop a sound understanding of major topics in th
Backing Up the Evidence: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis A meta-analysis or systematic review (MA/SR) can be a powerful tool to aggregate data on a specific question and arrive at a universal ans
Researching Barriers Research — An Important Skill? The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) states that a medical “curriculum must advance residents' knowledge of the basic p
The NNT: Reclaiming the Negative Space Taking into account the negative space, we have a more complete picture of the positive and negative effects of treatment and can make more informed decisions w
The Institutional Review Board (IRB) Tips on Getting Your Research Off the Ground Undertaking a brand new research project can be a daunting task. Part of this process may involve submitting a propos