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Disaster Medicine: Engaging Your EMIG In the fall of 2016, an attack at The Ohio State University, my alma mater and a school just down the road from my current medical school, hit close to home. Luc
Preshospital Sepsis Alerts: A Stemi or Stroke Equivalent? “This is Medic 19 bringing in a Sepsis Alert, ETA 5 min.” With that alert, you mobilize your team and prepare for the patient. When they arr
When Disaster Strikes: Crisis Management from Inside Hurricane Matthew Emergency department (ED) physicians are trained and expected to think on our feet, to make the best of unusual circumstances an
A Brief History of Emergency Medical Services in the United States Pre-hospital emergency care in the modern age is often described as a “hierarchy” of human and physical resources utilized in the ac
The EMS Handoff: A Critical Time for Critical Improvement In the middle of a busy shift, you are hastily beckoned to a new patient's room just as he has begun to seize. Your patient is an 8-year-old-
The Case for Prehospital and ED Use of Tourniquets A 27-year-old male is brought in by ambulance after experiencing a gunshot wound to the mid right thigh. At the time of his arrival with EMS, he is
A Quick and Dirty Guide: Information Every Physician Should Know The world of EMS represents a mosaic of different systems and practices that share a common goal. If the emergency department had a mo
A Review of U.S. Disaster Preparedness Programs This fall, the first cases of Ebola were diagnosed and treated in the United States. Although the spread of this disease fell far short of the disaster
Backboards: Do They Really Have Your Back? Spinal immobilization has long been considered standard practice for pre-hospital trauma patients. Placing patients on long spinal boards is one of the most
What EMS Teaches Us “I'm scared.” The young woman was tearful. These were the words of a patient from our first call of the day, a woman from the local jail with a possible miscarriage. She had had