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Bullet Points: Penetrating Neck Trauma A 57-year-old female is brought in to the emergency department after sustaining a gunshot wound to the right face. Initial assessment reveals facial swelling an
Does TXA MATTER When Your Patients CRASH? A Summary of 2 Seminal Studies of Tranexamic Acid in Trauma The past decade has ushered in significant advances in the care of patients with traumatic injuri
The Pediatric Burn Patient: A Simplified Approach Burns are a fairly common occurrence among the pediatric population. While most burns are limited and require only localized wound care and outpatien
A Review of Basilar Skull Fractures Case A 57-year-old intoxicated female presents after a fall from standing height. She denies any headache, vision changes, loss of consciousness, or neck pain, and
Emergency Department Evaluation of Blunt Orbital Trauma Introduction More than 2.5 million eye injuries occur each year.1 According to information gleaned from the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Pro
An Evidence-Based Approach to Blunt Chest Trauma in Children From the November 2013 issue of Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice, “Emergency Management Of Blunt Chest Trauma In Children: An Evidenc
Ultrasound Evaluation: Achilles Tendon Case A 39-year-old male presents to the emergency department with pain and swelling in his right ankle two days after an injury he obtained while playing volley