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Leadership — in addition to being 1 of the 3 main pillars at the heart of EMRA’s mission (the other 2 being education and advocacy) — is part of the hidden curriculum of emergency medicine. How do we
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As fellow residents, we have a unique relationship with one another. This role as resident and teacher is a responsibility, but it is also an opportunity. We can cultivate a learning environment for e
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The acknowledgement of an individual and the celebration of their diversity should start with a wholehearted attempt at correctly pronouncing their name.
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Experience is often touted to be the best teacher. But sometimes, we — as residents in the midst of our training and in the early stages of our careers — can choose to be the best teacher.
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In writing this, I am hit with the realization I never properly reconciled the emotional effects of this shift. There must be better approaches than the one I take now, which, if I am being honest, is
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As we usher in the new year, I am elated to join our EMRA family as editor-in-chief of EM Resident and to do my part in contributing to EMRA’s mission: supporting those of us in training so we can bec
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Emergency medicine is a highly nimble specialty, and advancements have come very quickly over the past 50 years. But this is not a fact we can take for granted indefinitely. Being good stewards of EM’
There will probably come a time when you feel you aren’t your best self. Whether you are feeling early symptoms of burnout, are not quite meeting your goals, or suffer from clinical depression, anxiet
Share your clinical experiences with legislators, friends, and family. Tell the de-identified stories of patients who have suffered from ectopic and high-risk pregnancies. Talk about your patient with
Illegal and unregulated marijuana markets in parts of our country have given rise to dangerous and easily obtainable synthetic options. The ill effects of this predictable phenomenon are being felt in