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I know you hate the oxygen mask. Do you know how much I wish you didn't need it?
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The resurgence of anti-racism mentality in this country is long overdue. We have been forced, repeatedly, to come to terms with the racism in this country. Do you know what it means to be anti-racist?
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"We are sorry, but you did not match to any position." Few sentences are more feared among medical students. Take heart. All is not lost.
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Medicine robs you of the most important moments of your life. We need a more accommodating system.
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The emergency department can be filled with frustration at times. During the first wave of COVID-19 illnesses, that frustration reached a boiling point.
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#EMRAFamily, times are tough. But don't let coronavirus take away anything more than it already has. Take the time to talk to our colleagues, friends, family. Do not repress your thoughts. Journal and
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Changes to Title X threaten to reverse 40 years of advancement in women's health care. If we allow the Title X changes to limit what we as physicians can tell our patients, where does it end?
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Are you tired of sheltering in place during the coronavirus pandemic? Disgruntled with the same 4 walls and familiar faces that mark your experience with COVID-19? An emergency physician wants you to
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EM Resident's Editor-in-Chief investigates: When did organizational medicine become a dirty word? When did getting involved in physician administration and advocacy become uncool?
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Why EM should lead the charge for foreign policy debate.