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Taking it Slow We all experience different things in residency and come away with different perspectives, but there are a few things we all share in training. A constant sense of pressure and the nee
Confronting Failure, Building Resilience Whether it is in the classroom — or worse, in our caring for patients — eventually we will all experience failure and disappointment. FAILURE. It's something
A Different Perspective Ian and I found out we were pregnant on the Sunday after Thanksgiving – one month along; everything seemed to be going right in life, and this just felt like it was meant to b
12 Ways to Prosper in Emergency Medicine After 35 years in emergency medicine, you gain a little more than just medical knowledge. The day in and day out, grueling aspects of our chosen field can som
The Times They are A'Changing The world of emergency medicine education has been inundated by talk of competency-based assessments. As you may have noticed, the Milestones have arrived, and they've b
The Leadership Pipeline: Engaging the Next Generation of Leaders ACEP13 was a celebration of emergency medicine's tremendous  past and its bright future. We commemorated those who founded and shaped
Reflections of a Rising MSIV The Darkest Year? A recent article in Slate magazine describes the transition from preclinical to clinical medical education as the “darkest” year of medical school. It