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A 64-year-old male with past medical history of HTN, CAD, and prior MI presents due to substernal chest pain. What is your interpretation of his ECG?
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A leading goal for any point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) curriculum is creating excellent, low-cost, rapid-assembly models for teaching. Associated goals include minimizing the assembly units and maxim
The American Board of Emergency Medicine offers an annual In-Service Training Exam (ITE) for emergency medicine resident physicians. However, many misunderstandings surround the purpose and utility of
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Residents with certification in addiction medicine gain access to a number of benefits, including greater earning potential and federal loan repayment funds. Plus, the depth of knowledge that certific
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The need for innovation in emergency medicine (EM) has never been greater. The pandemic has strained physical and emotional resources and exposed the fragility of volume-based, fee-for-service reimbur
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EMRA’s Administration and Operations Committee recently held a virtual panel of EM Administration Fellowship Directors and Co-Directors. Get key points from the conversation as well as other important
It's that time of year again. "Are you gonna run for chief?" Two former chiefs share some tips to help guide your decision-making.
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After a second interview season, I’m an intern in emergency medicine watching as EM-bound students and reapplying residents make their way through the match. This is what I learned about taking the sc
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It happens to all of us: you've enjoyed a restorative vacation or you’re finishing an ultrasound rotation or even coming back after your wedding... and now you must return to the emergency department.