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Being happy is a skill; you have to practice and make it a habit.
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The use of exogenous steroids in septic shock is a controversial issue with inconsistent data on mortality to date. Several studies examine sepsis treatment. What does the evidence show?
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A Spanish immersion program that doubles as global health outreach is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will shape your practice and improve the way you care for patients throughout your career, s
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BCVI is a relatively rare diagnosis, but this does not take away from the importance of considering it during the initial evaluation of all trauma patients.
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Can you distinguish between an abnormal EKG and a cardiac device malfunction at a glance, recall common pacer codes, or identify pacemaker problems on an X-ray? As the use of cardiac devices increases
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As emergency medicine providers, how can we best approach the cyanotic and non-cyanotic infant?
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There's a monumental problem in how patients are billed for emergency visits. It's called surprise billing - and it's definitely not a good surprise.
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EMRA helps make you the best doctor you can be, the best leader you can be, and helps make EM the best specialty it can be, through our unrivaled advocacy.
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Clinical research guides the care your patients are receiving before they reach you. It pays to stay up to date with out-of-hospital evidence-based practices.
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Medical toxicology is a field with diverse - and sometimes disparate - career options. Find out more from Ken Katz, editor-in-chief of the EMRA and ACMT Medical Toxicology Guide.